I’m self employed…. Dear God, now what do I do!?

Whether your going the self-employed route because you are tired of looking for a job and need to feed yourself and the family OR you are one of those passionate entrepreneur’s that just couldn’t do it any other way- this blog is meant for you.

Every day I talk with self employed small business folks. I listen to what’s bugging them, what’s making them feel great, the things that worked and lots of stuff that didn’t. If it has to do with owning and running a small business it’s probably come up. Should I hire some more help, buy or rent the new machine I need, how do I promote my business, where should I locate my new store, payroll questions….. you name it.

This blog is dedicated to all the self employed, honest, hard-working entrepreneurs who make this country great. I hope you will see the passion I see in each and every one of them.

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Welcome and thank you for being part of my passion


God Bless the USA!